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DSC00134.JPG (150430 bytes) DSC00136.JPG (153210 bytes) DSC00175.JPG (146918 bytes) DSC00318.JPG (152454 bytes)


after carpet glue removed

ready for stain

stained, not sealed
white areas will be faux painted

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glue removal

after carpet glue removed

stained, not sealed sealed
wpe155.jpg (27508 bytes) wpe159.jpg (35049 bytes) wpe14F.jpg (25899 bytes) DSC00440.JPG (150454 bytes)
prep work plastic is laid down over 
the stain creating variations in the stain
stained sealed
DSC00091.JPG (145980 bytes) wpe170.jpg (26026 bytes) DSC00328.JPG (156755 bytes) DSC00456.JPG (152614 bytes) 
glue removal after carpet glue removed stained, but not sealed   finished

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