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Stamped Overlay Walls

Our Stamped Overlay Wall mix is formulated to give a somewhat of a sculpture like performance. It is designed for a deep wall textured look, creating that realistic 3D appearance of various stone and brick patterns. 
 It is a lightweight insulated overlay material that is applied directly over drywall, wood, masonry and various other surfaces without requiring a foundation. 
Our Stamped Overlay Wall mix can be applied up to 2"-3" thick without sagging. A few applications include: fireplace surrounds, interior and exterior walls, foundations, retaining walls and chimneys.

Exterior Applications


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Interior Applications

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Non-Slip Splatter Textures and Saw Cut Finishes



Splatter Texture before & after
After all layers of carpet was removed, then came the glue removal. Not an easy task! It took 3 weeks and 15 gallons of chemicals, 30 ZEP grinding wheels, then re-ground the entire job with a diamond cup wheel to remove all of the glue and stains.after

Acid  Stained Concrete
before and after

Furniture Store - Acid Stain - Before, floors had Carpet Mastic that had to be removed before acid staining

Furniture Store - Acid Stained

acid stain - After

Sidewalk - before & after

patio before resurfacingpatio after - spray texture

Before -pool deck, thick coating had to be grinded off
Pool Deck- before & after
after- troweldown slate look


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Interior & Exterior   *   Residential & Commercial

  Custom Interior Flooring 
Non-Slip Splatter Textures, Acid Stains and Saw Cut Finishes





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